miercuri, 26 martie 2014

Romwe news #58

The black lace blouse in 3D embroidery become really hot recently :)  Do you like it too?  Girly or sexy?  Edgy or elegant?  Vintage or chic?  Haha, your will decide.  Black is the classic color forever, so the lace blouse goes well with anything you like.  Just tuck it into your denim shorts or skater skirt.  If you wanna be sexy, just wear a black bra inside.  If it marries your long skirt, you will become elegant in an edgy way.  Go to dinner or party, date with your boyfriend or night out, its a great choice. 

Many girls wrote down their comments via Facebook account at the product page:
What about replying 1 comment, to give that girl some suggestion?
PS, the black lace blouse will be on BIG sale on 27th Feb, $11.99 only!! save 64%.  
Starting at 1am 27 th March, 24 hours, only 300 pieces available.  It will recover to the original price $24.99 on Feb 28.

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