joi, 4 iulie 2013

Comanda Sheinside 3 - Sheinside order 3

Buuna tuturor :)
Cred ca stiti deja ca mie imi plac foarte multe hainutele de pe sheinside .
Eu am ajuns la cea de-a treia mea comanda :) De data aceasta mi-am luat doua tricouri si un colier foarte draguut.
Hello all.
I think that you already know that I love the clothes from sheinside.
This is my third order ,this time I bought 2 tshirt and one necklace .

Tricoul alb - The white tshirt

Imi plaace la nebunie acest tricou .Culorile mi se par atat de vesele.
Tricoul a costat 18.71$ si il puteti gasi aici.

I love this Tshirt. The colors seem so happy.
The shirt costs $18.71 and you can find it here.
Colierul - The necklace

De mult timp imi doream un colier de acest gen si iata ca am avut ocazia sa il am pe cel de la sheinside
Mi se pare foarte dragut.El este auriu asa cum vedeti in poza si are 19 cruciulite.
Colierul a costat 9.32$ si il puteti gasi aici.

For a long time I wanted a necklace like this, and here I had the chance to have the one from sheinside.
I find it very pretty.It is golden as you see in the picture and has 19 crosses.
The necklace costs $9.32 and you can find it here.
Tricoul negru - The black tshirt

Cred ca multora dintre voi nu o sa va placa acest tricou :)) Mie insa imi place :))
Tricoul a costat 22.95$ si il puteti gasi aici.

I think many of you won't like this shirt :)) but I like iy :))
It costs $22.95 and you can find it here here.
Acestea sunt lucrurile pe care mi le-am comandat de data aceasta :)
Cum vi se par ?Care va place cel mai mult?
These are the stuff I got.
What do you think about them?What is your favourite?

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  1. I loved the first t-shirt!! Really pretty!!!

  2. Primul tricou e tare cute! :D
    Sa le porti cu placere!