luni, 22 aprilie 2013

Simple life, simple leggings EN

Hi girls!
Today I will share with you another post about Romwe and this post is about leggings.

In the past, I know a girl who named Angela. She is a lively girl who likes playing the games with me. She always wants to win me at every game. She says that winner can hold the whole world. I can’t understand this. I just want to simple life.
But I admire the little girl’s life; she lives with her grandfather and grandmother also has a little cat called Tom in a little village. Every weekend, I bring my little girl to the village to play with her. These two little girls have more words to say. The thing what my daughter do attach my heart. I don’t find the little girl can do such that.
One weekend, my daughter with me goes to the village as usual. However, today my daughter wears new leggings. I know her happy because this is the first time she wear the leggings. The leggings are bought from Romwe named RomweWomen's Different Sizes Snowflake Patterns Spandex Leggings. She asks her mother buy it a long ago. Today, she meets her wish. In fact, I know her happiness about it.
When we get to the village, she is very happy with Angela. I find the little girl always see the leggings. She says the snowflake patterns are very lovely and cute. And she shows her envy to my daughter. I do not care about this, however, when the two girls appear to my eyes, their trousers have exchanged. At the same time, I also look the happy smile on my daughter’s face. Suddenly, I very admire my daughter’s open-handedness. Actually, it’s very difficult for adults to share something what they like.
After we go home, I ask my daughter why she does like that. She says that she needs a good friend and she is willing to share anything.
Ladies,can you share your Romwe leggings?

Good bye :)

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